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Graves Smog Block Off Kit for WR250R/X 08-17

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    Graves Smog Block Off Kit for WR250R/X 08-17

    Graves Motorsports Yamaha WR250R + WR250X Smog Block Off Kit is a technical requirement in bikes which are used in racing and other events requiring optimum speed and performance from a proper fuel map and tune. Apart from being used when the air injection system (AIS) is removed for racing, The Graves Smog Block Off Kit is also an integral part of the equation when you need to get precise Air:Fuel ration during bike dynoing.

    The Graves Smog Block Off Kit effectively blocks off the ports on the valve cover that is used for facilitation of air injection system. Whenever an air injection system (AIS) is removed from a bike to reduce weight, it leads to an open hole in the valve port, which needs tight and complete sealing. Graves Smog Block Off Kit is used to close this opening. The sealing itself should be absolutely binding and strong; therefore, Graves Smog Block Off Kit, because of its high quality and efficiency, becomes the most preferred brand among serious motorcycle enthusiats.

    An air injection system is basically used for pollution control; it pushes fresh air into the exhaust port and helps in the process of burning of unburned gases. Burning the unburned gases leads to cleaner exhaust and reduced emission of hydrocarbons. However, during racing, this system limits the performance of a bike due to its weight. Racers remove the air injection system to reduce weight, improve performance, and reduce maintenance. An air injection system is also removed during bike dynoing process.

    Because of the extra fresh air injected by an air injection system to cause burning of unburned fuel, there is an imbalance in Air;Fuel ratio during dynoing. This is another reason for removing AIS. An accurate ratio of air and fuel can be achieved after the removal of AIS. Graves Smog Block Off kit works efficiently to fulfill this important requirement during racing and dynoing.

    Also, Graves Smog Block Off works very successfully with Dynojet Power Commander Autotune setup.

    • Product ID: 45055
    • Manufacturer: Graves Motorsports
    • Manufacturer Part#: ABY-08WR2-S
    • Fits
      • Yamaha WR250R 2008
      • Yamaha WR250R 2009
      • Yamaha WR250R 2010
      • Yamaha WR250R 2011
      • Yamaha WR250R 2012
      • Yamaha WR250R 2013
      • Yamaha WR250R 2014
      • Yamaha WR250R 2015
      • Yamaha WR250R 2016
      • Yamaha WR250R 2017
      • Yamaha WR250X 2008
      • Yamaha WR250X 2009
      • Yamaha WR250X 2010
      • Yamaha WR250X 2011
      • Yamaha WR250X 2012
      • Yamaha WR250X 2013
      • Yamaha WR250X 2014
      • Yamaha WR250X 2015
      • Yamaha WR250X 2016
      • Yamaha WR250X 2017
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Graves Motorsports dealer

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      Great Produkt
      by Matthias M. on 11/15/13
      Pros: very nice shop and awesome produkt
      Graves Plate
      by Rye W. on 10/22/15
      Pros: Works great easy install

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