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Galfer Semi Metallic Rear Brake Pads for Daytona 675R 13

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    Product Information

    Galfer Semi Metallic Rear Brake Pads for Daytona 675R 13

    Galfer Semi Metallic Rear Brake Pads are made to impart robust and assured braking to cruisers, street bikes and dirt bikes. Reinforced with the versatile 1054 compound, our brake pads deliver in challenging conditions at both moderate and high speeds. Galfer Brake Pads remain consistent in performance in wet as well as dry conditions. The superior in-build quality ensures minimal wear of motor and consistently efficient performance over a long period of time.
    Galfer Semi Metallic brake pads with 1054 compound continue to work through fluctuating temperature swings and they unwaveringly lend braking muscle to bikes. GG rated and extremely trustworthy, it delivers the feeling of reassurance and solid response. Available for duty for front and back calipers, braking is now just a matter of applying the required pressure. Perfect for a wide range of uses, daily commuting, light trails or as a necessary requirement, this compound has multiple utilities. It performs optimally in different bike categories like cruisers, street bikes and dirt bikes and even in a non-bike category like karting.
    * Assured feedback and modulation
    * Enduring quality with minimum motor wear
    * Optimum performance is both dry and wet conditions
    * Multi-purpose compound for a variety of uses
    * OEM like replacement pad
    * Quiet efficiency and a 20-30 mile pad break-in period 
    * Great performance in Enduro, Off-road, Dual Sport and Touring
    Bedding instructions for receiving peak performance from Galfer Semi Metallic Rear Brake Pads:
    * Use sand paper to clean brake rotors before installing new pads.
    * Dry the rotor with a towel after using sand paper
    * Allow the new pads to bed down properly. Do not brake aggressively for 40-50 miles after installing new pads.
    • Product ID: 1071216
    • Manufacturer: Galfer
    • Manufacturer Part#: FD165G1054
    • Fits
      • Triumph Daytona 675 2013
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Galfer dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Great as far as rear brakes go!
      Reginald C. on 07/03/2009
      Pros: These are great rear brakes, they come up to temperature quick and give good feedback from the pedal so you avoid lock-up. Highly recommended.
      Cons: None.
      Fotis A. on 12/09/2008
      Pros: Well to be honest, I bought these cause they were cheaper than my local distributer, works fine until now, hope they last long...

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