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Galfer Brake Lines (Front) for ZX6R 07-12

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Tech Notes: Banjos and banjo bolts need to be all steel or all aluminum. They cannot be mixed.
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    Galfer Brake Lines (Front) for ZX6R 07-12

    Galfer Brake Lines use PTFE 62 Dupont-Teflon cores surrounded by 16 strands of steel braided cable (most other companies only use 12 strands in their brake lines). This results in an almost 0 expansion effect when there is application of pressure on the brake lever which equates to better, consistent feel and more confidence. Even after multiple hard stops, you won't have a soft brake lever feel due to brake line expansion. We've tested them ourselves on our track bikes personally and can vouch for their performance. Time and time again, we had effective and consistent braking throughout heavy braking zones.

    Galfer Brake Lines give you more confidence while braking resulting in a safer, quicker motorcycle. For optimal braking, we recommend using Galfer Brake Pads with a high quality brake fluid in addition to upgraded Galfer brake lines. Once these are done, add a new brake master cylinder to really feel the magic!

    Custom Protective Coating Colors
    For protection against harash weather, scratches and the road debris, a clear colored protective coating is applied to all Galfer brake lines. This additional coating also protects your bodywork and parts of the motorcycle that come in contact with the brake line. Clear coating comes standard with all kits but its is possible (and we recommend it!) to have a custom line set made with a variety of color options to match your personally and your bike! 

    Two Front Lines, Better Than Three
    Many modern motorcycles (that don't have factory ABS) generally come with a 3 line setup. A single banjo line from the master clyinder and a y-spitter above the front fender that goes to each individual brake caliper. Galfer Stainless Steel brake lines offer a performance design that runs two lines from the master clyinder (usually a dual banjo bolt) to each brake caliper for better braking and increase feedback.  

    Customized Banjos & Banjo Bolt Colors
    Banjo bolts and washers are provided with all Galfer brake lines to make installation easier. No additional items are needed, with exception of a brake bleeder and brake fluid. We also offer the ability to select different color banjos and banjo bolts to further customize your brake lines.  Please note: The material used in the making of banjos and banjo bolts should be the same; steel and aluminum should not be mixed. Steel banjos should have steel bolts and aluminum banjos should have aluminum banjo bolts.

    Black Crimp Coating
    The area where the stainless steel line meets the banjo can be referred to as the crimp. On any standard brake line kit, this area is silver, regardless of the banjo or brake line coating color. At your request, a black chrimp coating can be added to turn this area black. This is great for those who want an entirely black set-up or those wanting another level of customization.

    Specifically Made Applications
    All brake line kits are specifically made for specific motorcycle and sporbike applications to ensure high quality fitment and long lasting performance. Installation instructions are provided for safety. Brake lines come pre-positioned for installation on your motorcycle for easy, no fuss installation.

    • Product ID: 26209
    • Manufacturer: Galfer
    • Manufacturer Part#: FK3D584-2
    • Fits
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2007
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2008
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2009
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2010
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2011
      • Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6R 2012
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Galfer dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Galfer Brake Lines (Front) for GSX-R750
      by Gregory L. on 12/10/14
      Pros: Excellent look and feel. Easily one of the best upgrades from stock. Ordering selection was easy and quick.
      Cons: None
      Galpher Steel Braided Front Brake Line
      by Wayne S. on 01/21/13
      Pros: Easy installation on a 2012 KLR 650. Fit and Finish are excellent. The brake feel is firm. The new brake line eliminated the spongee feel of the stock rubber line.
      Cons: None
      Galfer Brake lines
      by Patrick C. on 08/14/15
      Pros: No doubt one of the least expensive upgrades to any bike! I personally like the feel and the extra bite that these lines provide.
      Cons: Not really any negatives, they look good, perform well.

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