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EBC HH Sintered Rear Brake Pad for V-Rod 02-05

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    Product Information

    EBC HH Sintered Rear Brake Pad for V-Rod 02-05

    This product is a pair of performance EBC motorcycle sintered brake pads with HH rated friction rating that are a direct replacement for your stock/oe brake pads. The EBC Double-H brake pads are a high performance brake pad that are the bestselling and most well-known brake pads on the market today and will give you a higher initial bite as compared to your stock pads, wet or dry. They’re available for front or rear calipers as indicated in the product title.
    EBC HH sintered brake pads are designed for riders looking for better braking brake performance in a street/sport scenario and are the first step in a brake update project. Relatively inexpensive compared to other braking components, installing a pair of Double-H brake pads from EBC Motorcycle Brakes is really a no brainer to get that extra bit of brake performance you’re craving.
    EBC Brakes uses a specially formulated sintered brake pad material – blended with copper - that effectively eliminates brake noise and reduces wear on the brake rotor without sacrificing performance for the street-sport category. Brake pad life is also improved over stock. 
    In case you were wondering, Sintering is when metallic particles are fused together under high heat to create a compound that is very resistant to friction. Sintered brake pads shine in performance environments.
    Take note that most modern motorcycles have two front brake calipers (versus only one in the rear) so make sure to purchase a quantity of 2 brake pad pairs for the front and one pair for the rear to save yourself having to re-order more. Generally speaking, 2 pairs for the front are needed and 1 pair for the rear is needed to replace your stock brake pads.
    Installation is conceptually straight forward and consists of dropping the new pad in place in the brake caliper and, generally, secured with a pin. We do recommend a qualified mechanic install aftermarket brake pads as it’s a critical part of the motorcycle. In most street applications, it’s best to “bed” the brake pads in by avoiding harsh and high-heat braking initially. More information can be found on EBC’s website.
    * EBC Double-H brake pads are Made in the USA!
    * Benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power which is highest in the industry
    * Provide superb “brake feel” and they last twice as long as organic pads.
    * Longer lasting than organic pads and provide maximum brake effect with zero rotor damage.
    * They provide perfect braking under all riding conditions: wet, dry, hot or cold.
    * EBC “double segment” vented design keeps your brakes cooler and prevents drag and overheat or fade.
    * Ideal for the aggressive rider who demands the absolute best in braking performance.
    * Picture is only a representation. Actual product may vary
    • Product ID: 1040136
    • Manufacturer: EBC
    • Manufacturer Part#: FA400HH
    • Item is C.A.R.B. Legal: " "
    • Sold As: EA
    • Fits
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod VRSCDX 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod VRSCDX 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod VRSCDX 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod VRSCDX 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCB 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCB 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCB 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCB 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCSE 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCSE 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCSE 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCSE 2005
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCX 2002
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCX 2003
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCX 2004
      • Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCX 2005
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized EBC dealer

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