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Dynojet Autotune Kits for Power Commander V

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    Dynojet Autotune Kits for Power Commander V

    * Include Wideband O2 Dual Wideband O2 sensors and controllers that connect to the Power Commander V
    * Must be used in conjunction with a Power Commander V
    * The kits automatically adjust the fuel map while riding
    * Include 18mm bungs

    The Dynojet Autotune Kit is an accessory for the Power Commander V.  It uses wideband technology to monitor the air/fuel ratio curve (a/f curve) while you are riding with your current mods/setup and then sends the info to your Power Commander. The Autotune generates an adjusted map file that can be loaded into your power commander, possibly saving you a trip to the Dyno. If you're constantly changing parts for your bike and don't have a Dyno Tune shop near by, then an Autotune is probably for you (or just about anyone since the price is usually less than a full custom dyno tune!). It's like an automated dynotune in your bike.
    The Dynojet Autotune comes in two versions: single channel and dual channel. Here's the breakdown:
    Single: comes with 1 wideband sensor and can be used with any 12v power source and PC V combination. This will build a map for single cylinder or the average a/f for multiple cyclinder applications like an inline 4 cyclinder motorcycle

    Dual: comes with 2 wideband sensors andused on only twin cylinder applications. This will build a map for each individual clyindersin a two cylinder twin application like Harley Davidson or Ducati motorcycles.

    NOTE: May not be legal for street use in California

    • Product ID: 34051
    • Manufacturer: DynoJet
    • Item is C.A.R.B. Legal: X
    • Sold As: EA
    • Type: Universal/Multi-Fit/Not Bike Specific Item
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized DynoJet dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Dynojet AT-300
      by Jesse S. on 06/08/15
      Pros: Works as advertised. Standard bung size for O2 sensors. Fairly easy to use with the provided software and a basic understanding of AF Ratios.
      Cons: Minor gripe, but the plugs for the O2 sensors are HUGE and cables not very long, so it's a little difficult to hide those HUGE connectors. I would have preferred a single cable running from each sensor to the auto-tuner, rather than cable-to-connector-to-cable-to-AT.
      by Ryan T. on 07/06/15
      Pros: works, installed fairly easily
      Cons: i was under the impression this adjusts your fuel map "on the fly" which is what is stated in the product description. Upon further reading and understanding, i don't believe it does...and here is my logic:
      the auto tuner module gives me "trim files" to accept or reject in order to get my current fuel map to the air to fuel ratio i entered into the software. now if it did these adjustments on the fly or while you are riding, why would it save a trim file for me to add to the fuel table, I'm thinking if it adjusts on the fly, there would be no trimming because auto tuner is adjusting your fuel map while riding...

      i think the reality is: auto tuner just gives you adjustments in order to get closer to your desired AtF doesn't do it automatically like they are trying to convince everyone it does.

      so i load up a generic map for my setup, run the bike, then park it, plug in a laptop, accept the trim files it recommends for me, then load the new map, now i'm closer to my AF ratio i desire, but it's not actively adjusting the fuel map on the fly.
      Great stuff for fair price
      Roger S. on 03/08/2010
      Pros: This thing rocks, self tuning while driving :-)
      Fair price
      Fast delivery to Switzerland
      Cons: Do NOT update firmware, never touch a running system!

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