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Dainese, Italy
Dainese was founded back in 1972 in Italy by Lino Dainese, a young motorcyclist and businessman who initially started designing and making protective clothing for bicycle riders. Dainese continues with a mission of making technological innovations in order to provide protection and safety to riders exposed to traumatic injuries in dynamic sports. They consider comfort and reliability as primary factors in the creation of highly effective products to meet the much needed customer requirements. 

The engineers working at D-Tec (Dainese Technology Centre) have experience gained from different extreme conditions of competition and are tasked to create a wide range of products catering to all types of motorbike riders. D-Air technology, which offers the intelligent protection based on air bag technology for bike riders, is a brain child of these engineers. All the Dainese products provide a limited warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

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