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DRC MotoLED Edge-2 Tail Light Only

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    Product Information

    DRC MotoLED Edge-2 Tail Light Only

    TAIL LIGHT ONLY. Does not include the license plate kit or any hardware.
    • 16 high-intensity red LEDs are used for the tail / stop light, and 3 white LEDs for illuminating the license plate
    • Reduces electric power consumption. Offers a longer operating life.
    • Waterproofed circuit
    • Detachable lens
    • Lens colors available: red and smoke
    • Plug type terminals are included for installation
    • Works on 12V AC/DC
    • Product ID: 1011211
    • Manufacturer: DRC
    • Type: Universal/Multi-Fit/Not Bike Specific Item
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized DRC dealer

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Quality light with one significant limitation
      by Jeff P. on 07/15/14
      Pros: Bike: Customized 2001 WR250F with swingarm mounted fender, subframe mounted tail light, used on road and off.

      Model purchased: Light only, Red Lens
      This is a very well made light. Sure, it's plastic, but thick and strong. Mine is mounted to a custom 0.060" aluminum bracket. The light was crashing with my fender-mounted license plate on bumps, and the plate lost. There is a v-shaped dent pushed into the EDGE of the plate, 3/8 inch deep. No damage to lens. This is one tough light! Well anchored mounting studs. Quality wiring and connectors, too.

      Have not tested waterproofness, yet.

      Good value; I don't think you can find a better LED tail/brake light for this price. Looks cool. Great for off road and night use. Works on AC or DC systems. Nice, bright integrated license plate light.

      Narrow angle lighting pattern; this light is almost entirely focused rearward, with only incidental spill to the sides. Great for maximum rear visibility, but that's a trade-off (see cons below).


      For the money, it's a good deal compared to everything else I've seen, and quality is not lacking.
      Cons: No LED taillights currently for sale have the wide angle visibility of 1157 or similar incandescents, and this is no exception. Don't expect it to be anywhere near as noticeable to traffic as an incandescent DOT tail/brake light. This was expected, to some extent.

      I had a friend ride the bike in daytime so I could observe. I found the brightness to be really insufficient in sunlight unless I was directly behind the bike. It's hard to tell the tail light is even on unless you are roughly lined up with the axis of the LEDs. Brake light is better, actually pretty darn bright on-axis, but not very good off-axis. This is with the red lens - the smoke lens would be worse.

      In sunlight, it's easy for traffic right behind you to see the brake light come on if they are looking, sure, but I want to get their attention from the next lane over when they are NOT looking. An incan. bulb can do that, but this probably won't. It is DRAMATICALLY less visible from off-axis, as compared to the Yamaha XT225 I was riding with. No comparison.

      I removed only one star for the poor off-axis brightness. Understand and accept this limitation, and if it's all you need, you will probably love the light. Overall, it is better than other universal motorcycle LED tail lights I've seen, at any price. But, it is not sufficient for road use, in my opinion.

      I build with LEDs as a hobby. It would not be hard to increase the conspicuity a LOT for $10 dollars more component cost and a change to the lens optic. That would provide a much better safety factor for the rider, and it would justify doubling the price.

      I plan to convert my lighting system from 12VAC to 12VDC so I can upgrade this light with the above mentioned processor board, to see if that is sufficient. I may add more emitters aimed off-axis, possibly through lens inserts, if that isn't enough. I'll have almost $150 into this light, sure, but good brake lights are critical safety gear! I like the design. I won't need to have separate rear turn signals. As such, it still won't be a bad deal.

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