Dual-Sport/ADV Motorcycle Controls

Many important products reside in the Controls category. Doubletake Mirrors, Rox adjustable bar risers, standard and oversized handlebars, foot controls and performance foot pegs, adjustable hand levers of different lengths and colors, different compounds of grips, and even steering dampers in a variety of configurations can be found here.
Bar Mounts & Risers Bar Mounts & Risers Brake Pedals Brake Pedals Cables Cables
Footpegs Footpegs Grips Grips Handlebars Handlebars
Levers & Perches Levers & Perches Shift Levers Shift Levers Steering Stabilizers & Mounts Steering Stabilizers & Mounts
Throttle Assemblies Throttle Assemblies Triple Clamps Triple Clamps