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Akrapovic Racing Line Full Exhaust for FZ-09 14-16

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    Product Information

    Akrapovic Racing Line Full Exhaust for FZ-09 14-16

    The Akrapovic full exhaust for the FZ-09 comes in 2 variations. A single outlet cannister wrapped in carbon fiber that has a more traditional look that integrates beautifuly with the Yamaha's lines (stainless/carbon/carbon) and a slightly underbody style exhaust sytem is also available with a bold triple outlet, slash cut titanum cannister with steel pipework (stainless/titanium/titanium). Both are 3 into 1 full exhaust systems from the headers on back that contribute to massive torque gains all throughout the mid-range. Meaning, you're going to feel it after you install this exhaust system. Horsepowers gains are smooth across the powerband and gain as the rpms move higher.

    This is one of the best selling full exhaust systems for the FZ-09. Weight savings over the stock exhaust is 8.4lbs and power gains of 4.7ft-lb increase of torque at 5150rpm and a 6.9hp increase at 9850rpm.

    The FZ-09 will benefit further from the installation of this full system exhaust if there is an addition of a fuel controller like a Power Commander. Ideally, since this is a full system, a fuel controller should be added to the equation to keep the air/fuel ratio properly tuned, the power flowing steadily and smooth power delivered without the side effects of a full system like backfiring or overheating. A Dynojet Autotune in conjunction with the Power Commander V would be the best combination as it will constantly and consistently keep your bike tuned properly regardless of altitude or temperature.

    Akrapovic's Racing line exhaust sytems are essentially the same as the full titanium racing "evolution" systems for the average Joe that isn't going to be running the bike in competition. Stainless headers are also better suited for the street and the Racing line offers a great balance between cost and performance.

    * Muffler style: AF
    * Hexagonal mufflers feature a carbon-fiber outlet cap to match the design of each bike
    * Outlet cap, perforated inner sleeve and inlet cap are all made of titanium
    * Joint of the inlet cap is milled on a state-of-the-art CNC machine and connected by high-quality, silicon-shielded tempered springs
    * Include a lightweight, compact and high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber muffler clamp
    * Conical shaped and hydroformed header is made of stainless steel; crossover tubes may be installed on certain models
    * Link pipe may be cylindrical and in some models made of titanium; type of construction is based on maximum increase in performance
    * When the position of the exhaust system needs to be changed and the stock bracket is no longer usable, a carbon fiber bracket is included

    • Product ID: 1073365
    • Manufacturer: Akrapovic Exhaust
    • Item is C.A.R.B. Legal: X
    • Sold As: EA
    • Fits
      • Yamaha FZ-09 2014
      • Yamaha FZ-09 2015
      • Yamaha FZ-09 2016
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Akrapovic Exhaust dealer
    • Legal only for closed-course competition racing use. Learn more

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      FZ-09 sounds like a motorcycle now
      by Mel V. on 04/01/17
      Pros: Quality of the titanium system is very good, really a work of art.
      Install was easy as others have said.
      The sound is louder than stock by about I would guess 20% and is very deep, (doesn't sound like a sewing machine anymore).
      I had "2 Wheel DynoWorks" flash my ECU and I recommend having it flashed for this system to get the most out of it.
      I also sync'd the throttle bodies after the install just to make sure everything is as it should be.
      Performance wise to me it seems to just run better with smoother power delivery and it also seems to pull hard through out the RPM range.
      I did have my ECU flashed previously for the stock setup so I think it's fair to say that the new titanium system is a vast improvement over the stock system.
      Cons: None
      by Rafael M. on 02/06/16
      Pros: fit, sound, easy install, makes you smile :) pipe will change color to a nice brownish color after a few runs
      Cons: sticks out past the oem exhaust behind peg but doesn't look out of place not really a con
      Beautiful Sound
      by Jacob S. on 10/01/16
      Pros: Shipment actually came in damaged to Solo from their supplier. They actually let me know what was going on and over nighted a replacement. That way I didn't have to hassle with sending it back. I've never witnessed a man lace doing this before. Only heard rumors about it in hushed tones between trusted friends. It's real, guise. Solomoto gets 5 stars from me as well.

      On to the product:
      Easy install. Took maybe 45 minutes because my dog kept getting in the way. Quality is very good. Everything for without issue, except maybe the carbon strap that goes around the can. It was kind of a pain and required a bit of luck and patience. I left my baffle in because I am not into obnoxious amounts of exhaust sound. I was very pleased when I started it. The tone is deep and throaty. I usually describe it as the sound of that bike you think sounds really cool - that's what this sounds like. Volume level is perfect, imo. It definitely got louder, but not so much you can't leave work in the morning without waking up everyone in a 10 block radius.
      Cons: Can strap - I don't know what was up with mine.

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