Chain Lubes

Even such a ubiquitous product should be given a second thought, especially one that can leave a nasty mess if it's not up to the job. With so many choices on chain lube how is one suppose to find a decent product that works?

Well, customer reviews have always been a go-to for me when shopping online. The 2 products that stand out are the Motul Factory Line Chain Lube and the Maxima Chain Wax when it comes to decent customer reviews with the Motul currently outselling the Maxima.

Motul's Factory Line has always been a staple in high end performance lubricants. I've noticed off-road guys seem to gravitate towards Maxima while street riders embrace Motul. Maxima offers a smaller 8-oz size for those looking for portability and a lower price point.

I'm been a Motul fan boy for years now but I might just give the Maxima a chance this time around to see what the hype is all about.
By Sir D