> > > > Scotts Steering Stabilizer Weld-On Kit for KLX250S 09
Shown with optional large knob
Weld on kit installed with stock triple clamp and standard diameter bars.  Does not include handlebars. Picture is only a representation. Actual bike not shown.
Weld-On Kit
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Scotts Steering Stabilizer Weld-On Kit for KLX250S 09

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    Product Information

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer Weld-On Kit for KLX250S 09

    Picture is only a representation. Actual bike not shown. Does not include handlebars.

    Scotts Stabilizer/Damper
    • Only Stabilizer with three fully adjustable circuits.
    • Only Stabilizer that has an adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding.
    • Only Stabilizer that allows you to adjust the amount of degrees of damping you want from centerline.
    • Only Stabilizer that has a "High Speed Circuit" designed to absorb those sharp edged jolts.
    • Only Stabilizer that successfully works for every type of off-road application... including Motocross.
    • Only Stabilizer that easily moves from motorcycle to motorcycle in literally seconds.
    • Only stabilizer that's been around for 15 years and has won every major off-road race including the grueling Baja 1000, 15 times.
    • Only stabilizer to be tested and endorsed by every leading off-road magazine
    Weld-On Kit
    The weld on kit is relatively easy to install and requiares 2 small welds on each side of the frame bracket. This kit is specific to each bike with consideration for which combination of bars and triple clamps are being used. The frame bracket is a universal weldable tower that can be adjusted to accomodate different height applications and frame shapes. Becauses the weld-on tower doesn't have to mount around the head tube it is very narrow and compact, lending itself quite nicely to applications where space between the gas tank and head tube is narrow. Weld-on towers are normally a stronger option and removal of a weld on tower is quite simple. Each kit includes a Stabilizer, handlebar bracket, weld-on tower, instruction manual and applicable hardware. The weld-on kit is NOT for Aluminum Frames. See bolt on kit.

    Most models with standard diameter bars stock (7/8 inch) will require bars with a higher crossbar in order for the damper to physically fit in between the main bar and crossbar (37mm clearance). Or you will need to convert to oversized bars.
    • Product ID: 1010067
    • Manufacturer: Scotts
    • Fits
      • Kawasaki KLX250S 2009
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Scotts dealer

    Learn more about Scotts

    Scotts Performance, California, USA
    Scotts Performance initially started as a small automotive shop in Glendale, California doing repairs and setting up suspension for local racers. Later in 1974, their popularity and performance became well known as they moved to Montrose, California and they are now one of the leading manufacturers in the motorcycle stabilizer industry for the past 20 years. The reliability and quality of their products have won them 100's of championship titles in all forms of motorcycle racing.

    A Scotts steering stabilizer is unique. No other stabilizer company has features compared to those offered by Scotts Performance. Ricky Johnson, Danny LaPorte, Tommy Norton (Multi-time NETRA Champion) are some of the well known racers who use the Scotts Damper.

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