> > > > Scotts Steering Stabilizer SUB Mount Kit with Triple Clamp for XR650R 00-07
Shown with optional large knob
Sub Mount Kit Installed with stock triple clamps and oversized handlebars. Does not include handlebars. Picture is only a representation. Actual bike not shown.
Sub Mount Kit with Scotts triple clamp - Does not include handlebars.
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Scotts Steering Stabilizer SUB Mount Kit with Triple Clamp for XR650R 00-07

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    Product Information

    Scotts Steering Stabilizer SUB Mount Kit with Triple Clamp for XR650R 00-07

    Picture is only a representation. Actual bike not shown. Does not include handlebars.

    For Oversized 1 1/8 inch bars. If you have standard 7/8 inch bars, the price includes bar reducers to mount the handlebars.

    This is Forward (FWD) mounting frame bracket kit, where the linkarm reaches out toward the front of the bike. This in turn, requires re-location or elimination of the odometer. An optional stainless steel ODO bracket is available from Scotts to remount the odometer to the front fork pinch pinch bolts. This kit also includes longer Throttle cables. The bar mounts are only available in solid mounts for this kit.

    Scotts Stabilizer/Damper
    • Only Stabilizer with three fully adjustable circuits.
    • Only Stabilizer that has an adjustable damping control that allows 25 adjustment clicks while riding.
    • Only Stabilizer that allows you to adjust the amount of degrees of damping you want from centerline.
    • Only Stabilizer that has a "High Speed Circuit" designed to absorb those sharp edged jolts.
    • Only Stabilizer that successfully works for every type of off-road application... including Motocross.
    • Only Stabilizer that easily moves from motorcycle to motorcycle in literally seconds.
    • Only stabilizer that's been around for 15 years and has won every major off-road race including the grueling Baja 1000, 15 times.
    • Only stabilizer to be tested and endorsed by every leading off-road magazine
    SUB Mount Kit
    "SUB" mount stands for Stabilizer Under Bars, an idea we've been using for years, originally designed for raising the bars. This concept now allows more room for other equipment such as a Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or Enduro/Rally computer equipment and still retain the quick access for adjusting the stabilizer. This is also good for the taller rider who wants his bars a little higher, as it raises the bar location about 25mm. In some cases, you might consider a lower bend bar at the same time unless you are trying to achieve a higher bar height, along with your stabilizer installation. The SUB mounts are only available for certain models and certain triple clamps based on the physical limitations of mounting in this area. Each SUB mount comes complete with all necessary parts, hardware and "Step by Step" pictured instructions.

    Sub Mount Kit Complete with Scotts Triple Clamp

    The term “SUB” stands for “Stabilizer Under Bars”. We designed a Triple Clamp to accept the SUB mount putting the Stabilizer under the bars and still allow access for on-the-fly adjustment. The beauty to this design is you can take your stabilizer from one bike to another without having to buy another triple clamp. The stabilizer unbolts from the mounting components on all of our kits. In addition, our triple clamps received the highest 5-star rating from multiple leading National Magazines. This triple clamp kit is machined from a 6061 billet block of aluminum and then anodized to give your bike that "works" look, while increasing performance in strength, stability, steering and adding clamping surface. Some off-road bikes have such large, awkward triple clamps that stabilizer installation and / or gas tank options have become very difficult. The Scotts triple clamps are machined to be very attractive and extremely functional, eliminating the majority of problems associated with many after market triple clamps. We also make some triple clamps exclusively that cannot be found anywhere but at Scotts. The sub mount kit is designed to use oversize handlebars but can be converted back to standard diameter bars by using our optional bar reducers. The SUB Mount Triple clamp kit, in most cases, includes the Scotts Triple Clamp with matching anodized barclamp, Scotts steering stabilizer, linkarm, SUB mount frame bracket, all the necessary hardware, step by step pictured instructions and the owners manual. The SUB mounts typically raise the position of the bars approximately 20-25mm in most cases.

    Mounts (Not included for stock clamp setup):

    Rubber or Solid is the choice between how the handlebars are mounted to the triple clamp.  Rubber mounted handlebars have rubber cones underneath the lower perches, that allow the bars to flex, absorbing some of the impact transferred to your hands.  Rubber mounts are typically, but not always, about 4mm taller compared to solid mounts.  Solid mounted handlebars means just that, the bars are mounted solid to the triple clamp without rubber cones.  Solid mounted bars are preferred by riders who want to feel more input through the bars.
    • Product ID: 1018598
    • Manufacturer:
      Scotts (learn more)
    • Fits (click your bike to view all items for it):
      • Honda XR650R 2000
      • Honda XR650R 2001
      • Honda XR650R 2002
      • Honda XR650R 2003
      • Honda XR650R 2004
      • Honda XR650R 2005
      • Honda XR650R 2006
      • Honda XR650R 2007
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Scotts dealer

    Learn more about Scotts

    Scotts Performance, California, USA
    Scotts joined forces with Ohlins Racing in 1987 and together developed the world's premier rotary steering stabilizer (or damper). Scotts steering damper kits are available in top mount (over the bar) and SUB mount (under the bar) for applicable motorcycle models. Learn more about our riding experience with Scotts performance steering dampers. In addition to creating a first-rate steering stabilizer, Scotts Performance also makes a slew of innovative products include a reusable, stainless steel oil filter.See more products from Scotts

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