> > > R&G Racing (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11
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R&G Racing (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11

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    Product Information

    R&G Racing (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11

    * Constructed of heavy-duty machined steel, aluminum, high-density nylon, R&G frame sliders provide maximum protection and high quality fit and finish.
    * This slider was designed to be engine mounted.
    * Some cutting required.
    * This kit requires a 28mm hole fairing modification.
    * The protector itself is machined from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) chosen because as it wears it actually helps to slow a sliding bike. The bolts used are also de-embrittled steel; working as a shock absorber to bend instead of snapping or staying rigid - which could twist the mounting point.
    • Product ID: 1024645
    • Manufacturer:
      R&G Racing (learn more)
    • Manufacturer Part#: RG.CP0158BL
    • Fits (click your bike to view all items for it):
      • Suzuki GS500F 1989
      • Suzuki GS500F 1990
      • Suzuki GS500F 1991
      • Suzuki GS500F 1992
      • Suzuki GS500F 1993
      • Suzuki GS500F 1994
      • Suzuki GS500F 1995
      • Suzuki GS500F 1996
      • Suzuki GS500F 1997
      • Suzuki GS500F 1998
      • Suzuki GS500F 1999
      • Suzuki GS500F 2000
      • Suzuki GS500F 2001
      • Suzuki GS500F 2002
      • Suzuki GS500F 2003
      • Suzuki GS500F 2004
      • Suzuki GS500F 2005
      • Suzuki GS500F 2006
      • Suzuki GS500F 2007
      • Suzuki GS500F 2008
      • Suzuki GS500F 2009
      • Suzuki GS500F 2010
      • Suzuki GS500F 2011
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized R&G Racing dealer

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