> > > R&G (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11
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R&G (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11

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    Product Information

    R&G (Cut) Classic Frame Sliders for GS500F Fully Faired 89-11

    * Constructed of heavy-duty machined steel, aluminum, high-density nylon, R&G frame sliders provide maximum protection and high quality fit and finish.
    * This slider was designed to be engine mounted.
    * Some cutting required.
    * This kit requires a 28mm hole fairing modification.
    * The protector itself is machined from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) chosen because as it wears it actually helps to slow a sliding bike. The bolts used are also de-embrittled steel; working as a shock absorber to bend instead of snapping or staying rigid - which could twist the mounting point.
    • Product ID: 1024645
    • Manufacturer: R&G Racing
    • Manufacturer Part#: RG.CP0158BL
    • Fits
      • Suzuki GS500F 1989
      • Suzuki GS500F 1990
      • Suzuki GS500F 1991
      • Suzuki GS500F 1992
      • Suzuki GS500F 1993
      • Suzuki GS500F 1994
      • Suzuki GS500F 1995
      • Suzuki GS500F 1996
      • Suzuki GS500F 1997
      • Suzuki GS500F 1998
      • Suzuki GS500F 1999
      • Suzuki GS500F 2000
      • Suzuki GS500F 2001
      • Suzuki GS500F 2002
      • Suzuki GS500F 2003
      • Suzuki GS500F 2004
      • Suzuki GS500F 2005
      • Suzuki GS500F 2006
      • Suzuki GS500F 2007
      • Suzuki GS500F 2008
      • Suzuki GS500F 2009
      • Suzuki GS500F 2010
      • Suzuki GS500F 2011
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized R&G Racing dealer

    Learn more about R&G Racing

    R&G Racing, UK
    R&G Racing, or simply R&G, is a European, boutique, sportbike accessories brand with real engineering behind their products. Their European design style really sets R&G products apart from the crowd. R&G accessories are some of the finest motorcycle accessories made, with top notch, engineering quality that lasts and looks amazing. There are notable items within their product range that sell well, such as Tail Tidies (Fender Eliminators) and Frame Sliders.

    R&G provies innovative and functional bolt-on motorcycle accessories with the core of their business being crash protection Utilizing modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other high quality materials and product techniques, R&G Racing sets the standard in the crash protection business by offering protection from front to back of the motorcycle, including products such as engine case covers & sliders, frame sliders (crash protectors), radiator guards, exhaust protectors, fork protectors, etc.  R&G also offers a vast range of fender eliminators (tail tidies) and radiator guards. R&G Racing regularly has new products to offer, the latest being plastic molded tail tidies, Aero frame sliders, offset cotton reels and (approved for racing) engine case covers.

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