> > > > Pit Bull BMW R1200/1300 One Armed Rear/Fwd Handle
Pit Bull BMW R1200/1300 One Armed Rear/Fwd Handle
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Pit Bull BMW R1200/1300 One Armed Rear/Fwd Handle

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    Product Information

    Pit Bull BMW R1200/1300 One Armed Rear/Fwd Handle

    Rear stand for BMW R1200/1300, HP2, and HP2 Sport motorcycles with the new single-sided swingarm.

    It allows rear wheel removal. The forward handle layout lets you hold the right handlebar of the bike to operate. It is space-saving and leaves no trip hazard behind the bike. The ball bearing head allows you to spin the wheel while the bike is on the stand for easy wheel cleaning.

    NOTE: Right side insert only.
    • Product ID: 33041
    • Manufacturer: Pit Bull
    • Fits
      • BMW R1200GS 2004
      • BMW R1200GS 2005
      • BMW R1200GS 2006
      • BMW R1200GS 2007
      • BMW R1200GS 2008
      • BMW R1200GS 2009
      • BMW R1200GS 2010
      • BMW R1200GS 2011
      • BMW R1200GS 2012
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2006
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2007
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2008
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2009
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2010
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2011
      • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2012
      • BMW R1200R 2006
      • BMW R1200R 2007
      • BMW R1200R 2008
      • BMW R1200R 2009
      • BMW R1200R 2010
      • BMW R1200R 2011
      • BMW R1200R 2012
      • BMW R1200RT 2005
      • BMW R1200RT 2006
      • BMW R1200RT 2007
      • BMW R1200RT 2008
      • BMW R1200RT 2009
      • BMW R1200RT 2010
      • BMW R1200RT 2011
      • BMW R1200RT 2012
      • BMW R1200S 2005
      • BMW R1200S 2006
      • BMW R1200S 2007
      • BMW R1200S 2008
      • BMW R1200S 2009
      • BMW R1200S 2010
      • BMW R1200ST 2005
      • BMW R1200ST 2006
      • BMW R1200ST 2007
      • BMW R1200ST 2008
      • BMW R1200ST 2009
      • BMW R1200ST 2010
      • BMW R1200ST 2011
      • BMW R1200ST 2012
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Pit Bull dealer

    Learn more about Pit Bull

    Pit Bull Stands, USA
    Pit Bull was founded back in 1994 and for the past twenty years, has been providing high quality made in the USA products for sport bikes. Their motorcycle stands are made from superior high grade tubing with squared-off shoulders, giving them an innovative shape and a distinctive look. The stands are red and gold, making them easily noticeable at the racetrack.                    

    Pit Bull products are thoroughly tested in labs and on the racetrack for several years before they are released in U.S. Pit Bull’s major focus is customer loyalty and feedback and it aims to provide a perfect fit for every rider's motorcycle. Today, Pit Bull maintains successful relationships with many of the current top motorcycle racers in the market.

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