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Galfer Wave Rotors (Front) for CBR1000RR 08-13 (Non ABS)

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    Galfer Wave Rotors (Front) for CBR1000RR 08-13 (Non ABS)

    Imagine: The power of your engine roads through the drive chain; the rear wheel lights up, and your sportbike takes off into the wind. As the massive torque and horsepower propel you forward, the speedometer leaps, and you suddenly notice something in the road in front of you. Your hands reach for the brake lever and bring your steed to a halt, just in time. You thank the new wave rotors recently installed on your bike. 

    We've been there and we know what it's like to brake just in time for something. As someone we rode with once put it: I'll take those extra couple of feet. Although rotors won't be the first step in upgrading your brakes (we recommend brake pads, stainless steel brake lines and a master clyinder first) they WILL change the way your bike brakes for the better. Aside from sheer braking force, they will give you a lot more control over the way you brake. A properly put together braking system will provide the feedback needed to go fast and deep into the corners with confidence. Any performance rider constantly seeks better brake feel. Without brake feel and brake consistency, you'll lack the confidence it takes to turn faster lap times. 

    Let's check out some Galfer Wave Rotors features:

    * Black Carriers 

    * Aluminum floating buttons for light weight 

    * Ultimate stopping power with high friction and cooling ability of high carbon stainless steel

    * Designed for high performance and racing

    * Unique cool-and-clean features during operation keeps braking consistent, lap after lap

    * Cad CAM laser cut, first the metal sheets pass a stress relieve process, and then we laser cut them, this makes the product perfectly flat .

    * Made In USA

    * Sold in Pairs


    • Product ID: 32381
    • Manufacturer:
      Galfer (learn more)
    • Manufacturer Part#: 076CWD/I
    • Fits (click your bike to view all items for it):
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2008
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2009
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2010
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2011
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2012
      • Honda CBR1000RR 2013
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized Galfer dealer

    Learn more about Galfer

    Galfer Brakes, California, USA
    Galfer is a family-owned company primarily known for their motorcycle brake lines, brake pads, and their patented, state-of-the-art Wave Rotor technology. Originally founded in 1946 in Spain, the company established itself in the USA in 1992 and currently resides in Oxnard, California. 

    Galfer works with top motorcycle race teams to develop high performance braking systems that satisfy even the most demanding rider. We offer Galfer stainless steel brake lines with custom line and fitting color options so you can customize the look of your brake lines. We recommend pairing Galfer brake lines with Galfer brake pads for the ultimate braking experience. The most popular combination of brake pads for performance street use are the HH sintered pads in the front and Black compound pads in the rear. 

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    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      Get these
      Robert C. on 06/05/2008
      Pros: Look great! Werk Great! Full floating but uses washer springs to keep them quite. Very nice design, easy to install and looks great again!
      Cons: 1 there no where near 2 lbs lighter then stock 07 R6 rotors I weighed and there about the same, so dont look at these for lightening.
      Rear is not like picuted here, but it's also very nice, I'm happy!!! It does look great!
      Ronald E. on 06/10/2008
      Pros: Make no mistake, these are pricey. But, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. I bought these for my YZF600 and I'm very impressed. The bike already had terrific stock brakes but after suffering from a slightly warped stock rotor, I decided to replace them with these Galfer Wave Rotors. It was a great choice. I added the HH compound Galfer pads too. Braking power is perfect. Not grabby, just a smooth, progressive braking feel. You can tell right away these brakes are better, even in street conditions. Galfer claims they run cooler but I haven't been able to tell that for sure. I also noticed a significant reduction in brake dust making wheel clean up much faster.
      Cons: Pricey. While not really a 'negative', I noticed Galfer claims they weigh less than OEM rotors, they seemed almost identical in weight to me without measuring it for sure. Again, it's not a negative but if you're a racer looking to spend money just to lose some weight off your bike, these aren't going to do it.
      Russell K. on 06/13/2008
      Pros: High Quality Product.
      Cons: Make sure you read what voids the warranty.

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