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Dynojet Power Commander V for XVS1300 06-12

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    Dynojet Power Commander V for XVS1300 06-12

    * Motorcycle fuel controller allows optimal fuel delivery for maximum power output and rideability
    * Required companion for most aftermarket full exhaust sytems
    * Pair with Autotune or visit an official Dynojet tuning center for a custom map
    * Fuel control for each individual cylinder in a smaller enclosure
    * ”Warm up” fuel adjustment (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel/timing adjustments based on the reading)
    * Two-position map switching function built-in
    * Can add any Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switch and toggle between two different fuel maps
    * Downloadable maps available online
    * Gear or Speed input which allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed.
    * Analog input which allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature.
    * Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range which allows more adjustment range for 8 injector sport bikes (some models require SFM)
    * The enhanced accel pump utility increases the adjustment and sensitivity ranges.
    * Compact, USB powered from computer for quick and easy map changes.
    * Power Commander V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear with the gear position input connected
    * Made in the U.S.A.

    Product Description:
    Dynojet Power Commander V plugs in line with the bike’s stock fuel injection system. It uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) style connectors making installation easy and quick. The Power Commander allows a full range of fuel adjustments via fuel maps. Adjustments can be made with a Windows based computer. Dynojet supports the Power Commander Product line with the world’s largest map database. Every map is tested and developed in Dynojet Dynamometers using the Tuning Link software. For custom or specialty applications where it is not possible to have a map available, there is a network of Official Dynojet Tuning Centres. These facilities have the required equipment and training to develop custom maps for the bike.  
    Product Benefits:
    Dynojet Power Commander V has a two position map switching function built in. With the gear position input connected the Power Commander V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear. It has ten throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIIIusb). No permanent changes are needed to be made to the bike’s system. Once the unit is removed the bike reverts to its stock settings. They provide pre-tested settings for your motorcycle. New maps are developed weekly for all popular applications.
    • Product ID: 1044634
    • Manufacturer:
      DynoJet (learn more)
    • Manufacturer Part#: 22-049
    • Sold As: EA
    • Fits (click your bike to view all items for it):
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2006
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2007
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2008
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2009
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2010
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2011
      • Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker 2012
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2006
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2007
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2008
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2009
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2010
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2011
      • Yamaha XVS1300 V-Star 2012
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2006
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2007
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2008
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2009
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2010
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2011
      • Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight Star 2012
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2006
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2007
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2008
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2009
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2010
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2011
      • Yamaha XVS1300C Stryker 2012
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
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    Learn more about DynoJet

    Dynojet Power Commander, Nevada, USA
    Dynojet was founded back in 1972 and have been market leaders in the manufacturing and development of performance enhancement products and tools. They hold partnerships with many leading companies and have always relied on innovative technology to provide the customers with the best products available. This includes round the clock technical support and providing individual attention to each of the queries so that the customers can take complete advantage of their product lines.

    The Dynojet fuel management products are aimed at maximizing the performance and increasing the efficiency. Their most popular product is the power commander. A power commander is a fuel controller unit developed by Dynojet Research and is loved throughout the racing community for allowing riders to dial in their air/fuel ratio to achieve an optimal throttle response, a smooth power band and gain the most power out of their engines. The Power Commander V is Dynojet's flagship model and brings a slew of innovations and add-on modules to delight any performance junkie. A popular combination is to pair a Power Commander V with an attached Autotune (allowing tuning of the fuel map while riding). Dynojet's most recent innovation is the practical and affordable Power Commander FC.

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    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      I like this
      Tu N. on 06/19/2011
      Pros: Any sport-bike rider would love this item
      Cons: Not yet
      Pretty rad
      by David P. on 07/09/13
      Pros: Best thing I've never put on a bike, hands down. 2008 WR250X

      Paired up with Autotune.
      Cons: Has a "stutter" at low rpm sometmes, I think it's just an improper Air/Fuel ratio thing from being a tuner newbie. And maybe not a PCV Issue.
      Jose Roberto C. on 08/21/2011
      Pros: It really increased power of the motorcycle. Up to 10 HP gain. Pretty easy and fast to install but it's necessary a dynamometer.

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