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Dynojet Autotune for Power Commander V

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    Dynojet Autotune for Power Commander V

    * This product needs a Power Commander 5 to function, the product is available separately. 

    * Comes with Wide Band O2 sensor and control box. The product plugs directly into the PCV and permits automatic adjustments of fuel. 

    * Dual Wide Band O2 meant for motorcycles having Dual O2 Sensors

    * While riding, the fuel map is automatically adjusted by the kit.

    * For each gear it can make a map (basic settings would make one map for all gears).

    * Facility to specify an exact AFR value for each area as every map cell is individually adjustable.

    Dynojet Auto Tune kit is the additional accessory that can be used with any of the Power Commander V’s. It connects to the PCV with a single cable and requires only a ground and +12 volt connection to be made to install. The Autotune kit comes with a wideband O2 sensor and controller that connects to the Power Commander V. With this kit, the Power Commander V automatically adjusts the fuel map while riding. The Auto Tune can make a map for each gear it can map each cylinder separately for each gear if needed.

    Dynojet Auto Tune kit plugs directly into the Power Commander V with a single cable. Each map cell is individually adjustable so that the biker can specify an exact AFR value for each area if needed. This allows the tuner/user to select specific AFR targets for idle, cruise, and large throttle opening areas. The Single Channel AT-200 is a universal fit which can be used on any bike that has a PCV installed on it. Dual Channel AT-300 is designed bikes that use the Power Commander V allowing control of two cylinders simultaneously. 

    No dyno tuning center in the vicinity? You believe in doing things yourself? You keep changing bike parts? If “yes” is your answer to the all or even one question, Auto Tune kit is for you. The Dynojet Auto Tune kit is made to be used with Power Commander V's.

    The requirements of the device are simple; with only a single cable it can be connected to a PCV and only a ground and +12 volt connection is needed for installation (Harley models include connector for plugging directly into the bikes' +12 volt line). In-case your exhaust does not feature one; a "weld in" O2 sensor bung is included in the package.

    The technology used in our patented Tuning Link dynamometer software is also used for Dynojet Autotune for Power Commander V. The device also has a miniaturized version of Bosch Wide Band O2 sensors for application on bikes, ATVs, or UTVs.

    The work of Auto Tune kit is to monitor the fuel mixture and provide the information to the Power Commander V, which then automatically corrects the fuel mixture in actual riding situations. Every map comes with preset Air/Fuel ratio values with best overall settings. You just have to plug the unit and let it do the needful.

    For advanced users who want to change the Air/Fuel ratios from our baseline, they are fully adjustable. Every throttle opening/rpm combination can be adjusted individually to give you fuel economy during cruise mode as well as peak output at higher throttle openings. Adjustment of Air/Fuel ratios “per gear” is also possible for most bike models, thus giving you complete control of the fueling in every gear and throttle/rpm area as and when required.

    The "map switch port" on the PCV can be used to run and correct the Auto Tune kit; the Auto Tune kit can also be configured for the same purpose. To switch between tuning modes and the base map settings, the device can be set up accordingly. For making the adjustments, the Auto Tune kit can also be configured to wait until the bike reaches a particular operating temperature.

    Part #: AT-200
    The second model is a single 02 sensor kit with a universal fit. Any vehicle with a PCV installed on it can use this kit. The kit comprises of a single O2 sensor, "cut to length" sensor cable, control module, O2 sensor "weld on bung" and CAN connection cable. The kit’s requirement is a ground and +12 volt connection by using the supplied Posi-Taps.

    Part #: AT-300
    This Autotune Universal kit is specially made for twin cylinder motorcycles or ATVs using Power Commander V with simultaneous twin cylinder control. The kit comprises of a tow sensors and a PCV connection harness.





    • Product ID: 34051
    • Manufacturer: DynoJet
    • Sold As: EA
    • Type: Universal/Multi-Fit/Not Bike Specific Item
    • Condition: New, unless otherwise noted.
    • is an authorized DynoJet dealer

    Learn more about DynoJet

    Dynojet Power Commander, Nevada, USA
    Dynojet was founded back in 1972 and have been market leaders in the manufacturing and development of performance enhancement products and tools. They hold partnerships with many leading companies and have always relied on innovative technology to provide the customers with the best products available. This includes round the clock technical support and providing individual attention to each of the queries so that the customers can take complete advantage of their product lines.

    The Dynojet fuel management products are aimed at maximizing the performance and increasing the efficiency. Their most popular product is the power commander. A power commander is a fuel controller unit developed by Dynojet Research and is loved throughout the racing community for allowing riders to dial in their air/fuel ratio to achieve an optimal throttle response, a smooth power band and gain the most power out of their engines. The Power Commander V is Dynojet's flagship model and brings a slew of innovations and add-on modules to delight any performance junkie. A popular combination is to pair a Power Commander V with an attached Autotune (allowing tuning of the fuel map while riding). Dynojet's most recent innovation is the practical and affordable Power Commander FC.

    Customer Reviews About This Item

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      It works like it should
      Tan G. on 11/26/2011
      Pros: It works just like what they advertised. It takes time to calibrate, but once done it is working like a charm.
      Cons: Not easy for DIY, need to weld a new bung for the oversized lamba sensor and calibrate. Not enough information on how to set it up properly.
      by Ryan T. on 07/06/15
      Pros: works, installed fairly easily
      Cons: i was under the impression this adjusts your fuel map "on the fly" which is what is stated in the product description. Upon further reading and understanding, i don't believe it does...and here is my logic:
      the auto tuner module gives me "trim files" to accept or reject in order to get my current fuel map to the air to fuel ratio i entered into the software. now if it did these adjustments on the fly or while you are riding, why would it save a trim file for me to add to the fuel table, I'm thinking if it adjusts on the fly, there would be no trimming because auto tuner is adjusting your fuel map while riding...

      i think the reality is: auto tuner just gives you adjustments in order to get closer to your desired AtF doesn't do it automatically like they are trying to convince everyone it does.

      so i load up a generic map for my setup, run the bike, then park it, plug in a laptop, accept the trim files it recommends for me, then load the new map, now i'm closer to my AF ratio i desire, but it's not actively adjusting the fuel map on the fly.
      Dynojet AT-300
      by Jesse S. on 06/08/15
      Pros: Works as advertised. Standard bung size for O2 sensors. Fairly easy to use with the provided software and a basic understanding of AF Ratios.
      Cons: Minor gripe, but the plugs for the O2 sensors are HUGE and cables not very long, so it's a little difficult to hide those HUGE connectors. I would have preferred a single cable running from each sensor to the auto-tuner, rather than cable-to-connector-to-cable-to-AT.

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